Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Look!

New year, new look. No, I am not talking about a personal extreme makeover.  I'm talking about Nickellton School's extreme makeover.  Take a look. Hard to believe the before and after. I bet if the school looked itself in the mirror it would say "Oh baby. My face lift's look'n good." We should have been on Extreme Makeover School Edition; I do believe there is such a show.

This was taken in 1910.
This picture was taken in 1989.
Before the new siding went on this fall we stapled a copy of this picture onto the old ship lap siding next to the window where grandpa is standing in this picture. According to this picture we placed the copy just above grandpas head. But don't look for the picture in the above picture because it is not there. It is now under the new siding in the bottom picture. But don't look for it there, because it is covered up with siding. Hee Hee

 This picture was taken last spring, just before starting the extreme makeover.
 This picture was taken this fall during the process of putting new siding on the school. We were hoping to find the old school district sign that you can see in the first picture, but it was not there. However if you look closely between the two ladders you can see where the sign once hung. You can also see the outline of the porch.
 WOW! EEE! What a transformation!

Hard to believe it actually looks alot like the original school. Just some weathering updates. We are going to work on the bell tower and the chimney at a later time. The inside of the school is taking shape too. Tune in next time for a sneek peek.

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